Jennifer Cannon, Social Connector

Jennifer Cannon, Social ConnectorPeople call Jen, “The Connector.” Jen Cannon’s knack for engaging communication combined with a natural talent for writing served her well for years working alongside high-level executives in the business world. After taking some time off to raise a family, she has taken that very insight and vetted expertise and turned it into her own brand of online encouragement, support and promotion of others, one word at a time, and sometimes, one #hashtag at a time. She has supported and facilitated the connection of a bestselling author and wedding guru to a major retail vendor, promoted and assisted an exceptionally talented singer-songwriter at developing a strong presence online, among many other entrepreneurial endeavors. Jen understands the powerful reach of social media tools like Facebook and Twitter and sees it as a giant game of connect the dots. Jen’s always thinking and looking for ways to share information, connect the right people and watch them succeed (with a loving push).