Alicia St. Rose, WordPress Sage

Alicia St. Rose, WordPress Developer for All Stages MarketingAlicia St. Rose began her professional career as a fine artist. For over 12 years she spent many meditative hours creating highly detailed works in pastel. She has been featured in The Artists’ Magazine and garnered several local and national awards.

Though rewarding, working from the right brain was not enough. At some time in 2006, she discovered her geek side and has never looked back. Now she spends countless hours continuously honing her skills as a front end web designer and developer, specializing in WordPress with Intrepid Realist Design and projects with All Stages Marketing.

According to Alicia, WordPress is her new canvas. Her art background and a attention to detail allow her to create a smart, clean and vibrant web presence that strongly expresses the desires of the client, balanced with the needs of their audience. She also approaches web design holistically, with a sensitivity to social media, search engine optimization and branding.

A voracious learner, Alicia, is almost obsessive about keeping up with the latest trends in web design and development and is a proponent of Web Standards.

When not in front of her beloved Mac, she can be found strumming her ukulele, hoop dancing, hanging out at Fishbon and making plans for her yearly sojourn to Black Rock City, NV.