CLU “Shining Stars” Award Gala Celebration

Amber Sims Hinterplattner accepting award from CLU President Chris Kimball

Last week, I was honored to receive my medal of recognition from the California Lutheran University School of Management Dean, Dr. Charles Maxey, University President, Chris Kimball and Senator Tony Stickland to commemorate my Silver Anniversary Alumni Award on stage at their wonderful gala event.

“Among the Shining Stars” was the award ceremony theme and special celebrity guest and Emcee for the evening was dear friend, Jim Cathcart, who played a wonderful role as mentor to me along with Dean Maxey while I was attending Cal Lutheran for my marketing degree.

It was truly a splendid event and time well spent acknowledging the amazing impact that both the CLU School of Management as well as the School of Education have had over the past twenty-five years on countless students and numerous communities where graduates are residing and thriving, just as I am.

Revisiting the CLU campus brought back many fond memories of professors, projects and experiences which helped to build on a successful foundation my parents started years ago. I know my education from the CLU School of Management has helped me to feel secure in my future, confident with my abilities and positive towards my dreams of success.

To celebrate my achievements with the development of our creative agency All Stages Marketing with my wonderful husband and business partner and to be applauded by my parents and hundreds present was truly unforgettable.

To check out a few more special photos from the CLU award gala, visit our Facebook photo album.

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  1. says

    Congratulations Amber on being a Shining Star in the firmament of CLU. Your success with the marketing degree you received at CLU in starting and succeeding in your All Stages Marketing business is most worthy of recognition.
    You are a poster child for the validity of the CLU Marketing Department’s effectiveness in preparing their students for real word success.
    Shine on and may you be showered with many other recognitions in your business life!

  2. says

    Amber –

    You are highly deserving, and I whole-heartedly extend my congratulations to you. Since I’ve known you, you’ve been a juggernaut of ideas and follow-through, and this award heralds just the beginning of a long successful career.



  3. Jackie Whorton says

    Amber, you’ve done so well! We are both proud of this great achievement
    and your acknowledgement of your hard-working husband, Andy, and your supportive parents. Keep up the creative energy and the good work ethic you have established for ASM.

    Love you,
    Aunt Jackie and Uncle Jim

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